Life…is such a paradox! If you question this statement then I ask you to imagine yourself standing at a window behind which are lined up tiny little beds where newborn babies lie sleeping or crying. Now, imagine sitting at the burial site of a dear loved one, whose presence will forevermore leave a void in your world. One image stirs up tears of joy while the other, tears of grief. Chemically speaking the tears are identical yet the emotion felt behind them is very different. Perhaps you are thinking, well of course! But, don’t we so often expect the one and then act surprised or undeserving of the other?

As my birthday reminder seems to arrive sooner and sooner, I am also reminded daily of the fact that each day is a gift, whatever it brings or leaves behind. Birth and death are merely the “book ends” that anchor our days together. From beginning to end, it is life. In the writing of the Book of Revelation given to John by God, The Lord says He is making everything new! Please notice that this is not an expired promise nor is it a future promise. The verb is active and in the present tense.

The world in which we live screams of inequality, sickness and sadness brought on by choices, others and we make, that are motivated by the human sinful condition. In spite of this truth, there is yet another truth. God is making everything new… everything! Friend, whatever you are experiencing today, I pray you will join me in living in the joy, hope and reality of God’s promise to not merely “fix” what is broken but to make it new.

One of my favorite Christian songs at present is Overwhelmed by Big Daddy Weave. The You-Tube video is striking. The words of the song are, well, overwhelming. I invite you to listen by clicking on the image below.

Oh Father God, “all that you are is so overwhelming! I delight myself in you, captivated by your beauty…I run into your arms unashamed because of mercy.” AMEN

To The One Who is trustworthy and true…Jesus.