New Life


Have you looked outside lately? Oh my goodness! Everywhere I turn I see new life; life, that, just a few weeks ago was hidden deep within the frozen soil. Every year it is the same scenario. October and November trees begin to lose their leaves. Then, December rolls around announcing that winter has arrived. The ground becomes hard and frozen by the low temperatures and by all appearances; everything that had been living seems no longer to exist. It is dead…gone. AND THEN…subtly, little by little, seeds that lay below the grounds surface begin to come back to life. Although this is the same seed, it is not the same worn out life from before.

This is new life! The old life had to die in order for the new life to begin.

In Paul’s second letter to the church in Corinth, he encourages them not to focus on the things of this world; things like the threat of illness and the certainty of death that naturally accompany our human condition. Instead, he tells them to remember that God created human beings to be with Him one day in heaven. And, that “as a deposit, guaranteeing what is to come, God has given us the Spirit.” (2 Corinthians 5:5)

As we are quickly approaching the month of June, I am anticipating the one-year anniversary of my husband Richard, going home to be with The Lord. In light of this, I am so encouraged by the return of springtime and the illustration it represents of hope and the promise of new life for all who love Jesus. Knowing heaven is where Richard is today brings me tremendous peace and the welcomed anticipation that, one day, when my time here on earth is finished, I too can look forward to the new life ahead prepared for me.

Paul also instructs, that while we are still in this world, “we live by faith, not by sight.” (2 Corinthians 5:7) Just like when December returns again this year as it surely will, and death of the beautiful life around us seems apparent, have faith because spring…is coming!!

Father God, Creator of ALL life, thank You for Jesus and Your Holy Spirit. Open my eyes to Your presence now and, one day, the promise of heaven. AMEN