What is your perception of God? Do you think of Him in the context of a particular denominational doctrine or set of rules? Maybe you’ve been given a long list of “do’s” and “don’t’s,” casting a precarious shadow of doubt on God’s love for you.

Before the age of thirty-five, I believed that to get to heaven; I must be “good.” The problem, how much good is good enough? I know of all my failures even if others don’t see them, and I know that God, Who sees everything, knows all of my shortcomings. To say I was terrified about my heavenly prospects is an understatement. Judgment hovered overhead like a heavy mallet just waiting for the opportunity to strike.

Through Bible Study, I learned that nothing of what I believed could be further from the truth. Yes, I am imperfect and so are you! Every day it seems I shake my head over something I’ve either said or done and wish for a do-over.


Every drop of blood Jesus shed on the cross; each pound of the hammer on the nails in His hands and feet are payment-in-full for my sins and yours. The crucifixion was not orchestrated by those in power at the time. From the yelling, spitting crowd to the governor, king, and Roman soldiers, God allowed the rebellious nature of people to reveal His promised Savior. The cross culminated the long-awaited judgment that began in the Garden of Eden as a deliberate revolt against God. Sadly, every human being carries the gene of disobedience in our DNA, and God calls it, “sin.”

While the cross represents judgment, the empty grave is the beginning of a new order through Jesus Christ. Friend, I hope you are clear on your position before God. Your salvation promise depends on it. Jesus alone is our security. His love is so far-reaching and as the title of this writing indicates, long-suffering that His only desire is for you to love Him too with a grateful heart.

So, again I ask, what is your perception of God? Your answer can be the beginning of the most beautiful relationship on earth. If the solution seems too simple, remember, it is God’s Solution, not ours!

Sherry Sharp