One activity I enjoy most these days when living on the shore of Delaware in the summertime is walking along the water’s edge, looking for shells and sea glass. The idea that there are no two shells alike is amazing to me; they are unique in every way. Of course, I always look for the heart-shaped rocks that have washed up from the ocean floor, of which I have a large collection.

The thought comes to my mind of how our Creator God has set into motion the beautiful uniqueness of things on the earth as simple as a seashell. I like to believe that in part, He did this for our pleasure. How much more important and unique, then, are you and I in the order of creation? Jesus tells us in the book of Matthew that “even the very hairs of your head are all numbered.”

Sometimes, I think in the vast sea of people who occupy our planet, we can feel insignificant. The popularity of social media makes me wonder if we aren’t desperate to have our voices heard and to be recognized as individuals. The next time you walk along the seashore, pick up a shell and examine it closely; see the beauty in its color, shape and design, then, remember that the Designer of the shell also designed you and knows everything about you. The idea may be frightening at first but know this too, He loves you, and if He were walking along the shore and you were a shell, He would pick you up and put you in His pocket!

Sending you “certain love” in uncertain times.