The HGTV channel has nothing on me! In my adult years, I have participated in the building and renovation of fourteen houses. Going through the planning stages on paper for me is fun but watching your vision come to fruition is very exciting. My philosophy is that if your ideas work on paper within the boundaries of the floor plan, then it will work in reality when applying the concepts in three dimensions. So far, I have never been proven wrong.

When God sent the angel to Mary revealing that she would give birth to the Son of God, the angel didn’t say, “maybe” or “might” when telling her God’s plan; He said His plan “will be.” In other words, God left no room for doubt where He was concerned. His plan would come to fruition, and His Plan was Jesus.

On this side of history, Jesus is the Living Reality of God’s Plan. But, in the limited ability of human reasoning, we sometimes doubt God’s promises and faithfulness. In this season of Advent as we anticipate in remembrance of God’s fulfilled promise and celebrate the coming Messiah, let us be hopeful in the knowledge that The Lord God is always faithful to His promises.

Please join me today and in the days to come in giving thanks to Jesus our Savior. His presence is proof that God’s Word is as reliable in your life and mine as it is on paper within the hard-bounded book of The Bible. If you are still in doubt, then look around you. We are living in 3-D.