Heart Failure

When my father was in his fifties, he suffered from erratic heart rhythm causing shortness of breath and a rapid heart rate; to solve the problem, doctors inserted a device called a pacemaker. The pacemaker detects irregular heart function and sends an electrical impulse to the heart when needed to keep the heart from over or under working. An electrocardiogram performed in a hospital or doctors office will show the effect produced by the pacemaker.

If someone could create a chart reflecting the ebb and flow of human behavior since the beginning of time and the chart could read the behavior like that of an electrocardiogram, the result would likely appear as one in cardiac arrest. In a world where people of each generation feel entitled to take ownership of what constitutes cultural norms, defining what is acceptable behavior often depends on the loudest voices. We can all agree that “the loudest voices” are not always speaking in the best interest of humanity; one need only review history to confirm this reality. Adolf Hitler, it is said, always began his speeches almost in a whisper, drawing his audience to complete silence to hear him. However, by the end of his delivery, Hitler was yelling, inciting the crowd to join him in his deluded reverie.

The Holy Bible is God’s “pacemaker” for the human heart. When we get out of step with the precepts God has given us to live physically and spiritually healthy lives both individually and collectively, His Word will redirect our thinking and actions to align with His.

The world appears to be in a state of chaos. I wonder, though, is it only the “loudest voices” we hear trying to drown out reason and truth? “For God is a God not of disorder but of peace” (1 Corinthians 14:33, NRSV). If we feel out of step with those around us, let us take the time to consult God’s Word, which establishes His ownership of all things and always leads to abundant life for those who love Jesus!