Everything is exaggerated, including this sentence by using the word “everything” as a frame of reference. Overstating is one way to draw attention. Sometimes we exaggerate to make a strong point; other times we might stretch the facts because we enjoy the habit of embellishment. The problem with finding ourselves in this camp is that our word becomes unreliable.

God tells us in the Bible that He knows everything, owns everything and controls everything. His instruments of measure are the stars in the sky, the grains of sand on the shore and the drops of water in the oceans. All we need is to experience one powerful thunderstorm to understand that His words are not hyperbole.

When my world feels like it’s falling apart, knowing God’s word is trustworthy and true gives me great comfort. I don’t have to sort out the facts from the fiction. Being able to go to Him with my cares and concerns remind me that as my Creator, He already knows everything about me before I say a word.

I couldn’t begin to count the grains of sand on the shore or to number the stars in the sky, but, it sure does make me grateful that God is mighty enough to do so. I am confident to say, He will never misguide us, never leave us and never exaggerate His power. When mankind rebelled against Him in the Garden of Eden, God, in His great mercy forgave us. He said he would give us everything we need to survive in this world. And, then, He gave us Everything when His Only Son, Jesus came to the earth, that we might survive beyond this world into eternity.

“See, I have written your name on my hand.” (Isaiah 49:16, NLT)