One thing I am learning through my new journey into “higher learning” is that finding the answer to a math problem requires using a formula. One can navigate a complex problem and find the correct answer by following a simple process known as “Order of Operation.” Every math problem follows this principle. If you try and take a shortcut by skipping a step in the process, the answer to the equation will be incorrect. Trust me! I know this to be true from hours of personal experience.

God must have considered the flawed human condition when he settled on his “formula” for getting us from this world into heaven. Instead of making us go through many steps, such as following a long list of rules and laws to get to heaven, he kept “the way” simple. Here is the formula:

J + 0 = h

When broken down, the answer is: Jesus plus zero equals heaven. Oh, I know, we’ve all heard the statement from well-meaning and perhaps not so well-meaning people that to get into heaven you must do x y and z, such as, “you must be good.” But, this rationale begs another question; how good is good enough? Or, maybe you’ve heard that only certain religions warrant entry into heaven, therefore, if you do not belong to a particular way devised by other flawed human beings, then heaven is inaccessible.

Let’s look at what Jesus tells us is the “only way to the Father.” Starting with the belief that Jesus is who he says he is, “the Son of God,” then wouldn’t he know the truth about how to get to heaven? From his lips, he tells us that “he is the way, the truth, and the life.” God wanted to make the way to be with him easy enough that a child could understand, and I, for one, am very grateful for the simplicity.

While the equation for the answer to heaven is simple enough, the formula is written in the precious and eternal blood of Jesus. No lengthy or complicated process is required, nor any shortcut to heaven; one way only, and Jesus is the way! It’s that simple.