The month of January ushers in a time of mixed emotions for most people. Thanksgiving and Christmas have passed. We have sung the famous song about forgetting old acquaintances. By all appearances, the ground outside looks desolate and barren. Daylight is at a minimum, while darkness threatens to engulf more than just our nighttime. We hear a lot about how January is a time for new beginnings, but the word “new” sounds a little hollow. If this scenario describes you, I have some encouraging information that I hope will lighten your mood.

Everything you and I know and understand in the realm of the world’s dimension like time, weather, and even people is cyclical; they regenerate, always as a promise at the hands of our Creator God. The earth rotates while circling the sun, creating interesting weather patterns that cause the various seasons we enjoy. But this is not a science lesson; it is a reminder of the faithfulness of the One Who sets all things into motion and keeps them in motion. God’s love for his creation is all around us. He created humans with a longing to know him by showing us the beauty of his nature. God gave his Word as a “compass” that always points north toward the truth in Jesus Christ. As Christians, how fitting with the celebration of the birth of Jesus behind us in January, we now look forward with anticipation of Easter and the fulfillment of God’s promise.

Friend, if the long days of winter begin to get you down, remember that God is the Author of hope. Open your Bible and let the Son-shine through the reading of his Word. Jesus breaks through the darkness and says, “I am making everything new!” (Revelation 21:5, NIV).

Have a happy and blessed 2020!