First Things First

Christmas is a time for baking our favorite treats for our favorite peeps. Cookies, cakes, candies, etc., etc., etc. A dear friend is taking an online baking class. Oh, this is not just any baking class; this is a serious learn how to fold butter at just the right temperature into the flour at just the right time of day (or night) baking class. I love that she is learning these delicious recipes because she invites me to be part of her taste testing! The preparation and process for putting the ingredients together are very important elements, so I’ve learned from my friend. She suggests, if you do things out of order, the finished product may be a disappointment at best and a total mess otherwise.

Many mornings when I wake up, my feet hit the floor running; I’ll bet yours do too. There are appointments to make and keep, people to feed, bills to pay, and so on. Our lists are long. To get to my desk where I have my computer, I must walk by the comfy chair where I sit to have quiet time with God. I picture Him sitting in that chair as I move toward the desk. He’s “looking at me,” wondering if I’m even going to say, good morning, Father, or will I walk right by giving priority to the busyness of the day.

Like my friend’s baking for good results, there is a process when we begin our day, that if followed in the proper order, the outcome will yield the best results. When you and I go to The Father first before doing anything else, the day will yield its best results. Now, go hop on His lap, hug His neck, and tell Him how much you love Him. Watch and see how your day is blessed!