On a grandchildren outing day at my house, my young grandson fell in the driveway and skinned his knee. I immediately went for the first-aid kit to retrieve the necessary items, like ointment and bandaids, to get him cleaned up and back outside to play. It made me think about how many first-aid kits I actually have in and around my house…A LOT! Perhaps you have them too.

Most of the time, these kits just stay in their places on shelves or in our cars or wherever else we think we might need them. They receive very little of our attention, until we do, in fact, need them and then, they are of the highest priority. When this happens, these plastic boxes or blaze orange bags, along with their contents, bring great comfort in a stressful and emergency situation. They give us what we need most at the time; practical tools and hope!

Throughout The Scriptures, God is our Great Healer! “… I am the LORD who heals you.” [Exodus 15:26] “He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.” [Psalm 147:3] God, Who offers to be both our physical and spiritual “first-aid kit,” often shares a similar scenario with the ones that contain our bandaids and ointments. We keep Him in a safe place for those times of emergency. Then, we retrieve Him through prayer and our Bible’s and desperately search for the words that will bring hope and comfort in our circumstances.

When Jesus hung on the cross for our sins, Scripture tells us, that it is “by his wounds you have been healed.” Please note; the passage doesn’t say you will be healed, or you might be healed. NO, it tells us “you have been healed.” [emphasis mine] While our home first-aid kits don’t serve any real practical purpose until they are actually needed, having an ongoing relationship with God can be both meaningful and purposeful in all times.

If we call on Him in the easy times as well as the difficult ones, we won’t be in a frantic search for the hope and peace we so desperately long for when needed.

Where is The LORD in your life? Have you stashed Him somewhere for safe keeping or will you acknowledge His very presence at this very moment, whatever your circumstances, wherever you are?

Dear God, how amazing that YOU want me to know You and that You call me “friend!” Thank You for Jesus, Who makes me worthy of Your precious and priceless friendship. AMEN

To The One Who said “I have called you friends, for everything that I learned from my Father I have made known to you.” [John 15:15]