Finding Contentment

“I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. I can do everything through [Jesus] who gives me strength.” Philippians 4:12-13, NIV Translation

What does “Having a good day” mean to you? Think about this question for a moment. In our fast-moving day to day world with so many amenities at our disposal, we may have a somewhat distorted expectation for defining contentment.

The writer of the passage in Philippians, the apostle Paul definitely had a realistic and broad understanding of what it means to have a good day, or bad day, depending on the circumstances. Before his Damascus road experience when he encountered Jesus, Paul was a Roman citizen and Pharisee, well respected and enjoyed a high leadership role within the Roman government. After Jesus met him and transformed his life, Paul, as a Christian often found himself in prison, fighting the establishment, or ship-wrecked when on a mission for Christ. Most Bible scholars believe that Paul ultimately died a martyr for his faith by decapitation. This was no doubt the ultimate bad day for Paul, or was it?

In our current culture, Christians often find ourselves at the center of either joining forces with the “everything is acceptable” movement or being at odds with what feels like the masses. A popular phrase today is “Find your true north.” Actually, I do not disagree with this philosophy as a Christian because Jesus is my True North. Jesus is my Compass in all circumstances, not the other way around. In other words, do your circumstances control where you find contentment or is your contentment rooted in Jesus Christ, the Rock of Ages Who never waivers or changes no matter what the circumstances or culture climate?

Friend, while there are many metaphors we could use to think about godly contentment, I would like to challenge you to give prayerful consideration to the question above, what does “having a good day mean to you?” If your answer is guided by your circumstances, then contentment will always fluctuate, depending on which way the wind is blowing. If Jesus is where you are grounded, then like the apostle Paul, you will have discovered “the secret of being content in any and every situation…”



  1. Diann Mitchell says:

    Dear Sherry,

    Your devotions are always, “Speaking to me”!

    I am content with my life now entering my 80’s,
    but I couldn’t have said that in my 30’s, and 40’s!
    I always wanted more for me, for my children! I
    didn’t always turn to Jesus first.
    Thank God tha He waited for me!

    Sherry, will you please pray for my Cousin, Linnie Gregory, in
    Roanoke? He is a young 84, always had good health.
    He had a massive stroke this week, is in the hospital. He has had another stroke since he’s been in the hospital, had all kinds of tests, they found two brain tumors. He will have surgery Monday, and I would love to know you are including him in your prayers.
    Thank you precious friend,
    Love in Him,

    • Sherry Sharp says:

      Dear Diann, so sweet to hear from you, and yes, I am praying that Linnie be cradled in the Saviors hands for healing either on this side of heaven or on the other side, where there is no more sickness, strokes, Alzheimer’s, cancer, and best of all, where we will one day rest eternally in God’s loving hands <3 I love you, friend. Happy Birthday in your 80s and I'm not far behind 🙂

  2. Maria Gulati says:

    Hi Sherry. I have been getting your devotional for a while. They always touch my heart. What a wonderful gift you to share with people. I remember you from the days at 3rd Presbyterian Church Bible Study. You touch my heart even then with your kind words of encouragement. Life is hard. I will be 70 in Dec. Remember we have the same birthday? Love you and miss you. God bless you always!

    • Sherry Sharp says:

      Hi Maria, Yes, of course, I remember you and that we share the same birthday!! I will be 74 this December, so I’m paving the way for us 🙂 Maria, thank you for your words of encouragement on my devotions. God has given me so much pleasure and responsibility to write for Him. We are living through some very challenging times, so if my words (or God’s words) can bring hope and shed some light, then I accept the challenge with a humble spirit. Stay well and I hope our paths cross again on this side of heaven, Maria <3 Sending you hugs and love...Sherry

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