Can you identify with me? I have boxes upon boxes of photographs collected through the years; some have been passed down by other family members. Like them, putting off the inevitable task of organizing the memorabilia is something I have been doing for a long time. So, yesterday I began the process, one box at a time.

What I thought would be a chore instead turned into something fun. Maybe I’m just growing old enough to appreciate the time-travel that in many instances in our family, returns to the 1800s. Just when I’m thinking how beautiful the great-great-grandmother is in her photograph, I find a photo of her mother. Wow! In some instances, it’s a little daunting as I have met some of the great grandparents in my younger years of life. When I see that they were born before the turn of the twentieth century and we are already into the twenty-first century; well, you understand, I’m sure.

The faces of our relatives from earlier generations may dress in strange clothing, yet I see a resemblance to the people who have been born more recently. Sometimes the eyes, nose or the way grandfather held his posture carries over into the mannerisms and physical traits of my current family members.

Scripture tells us that through association with Jesus we “are being transformed into his likeness.” As surely as we can identify our family by our DNA made available through the marvels of technology, then by the blood of Jesus, we can also be recognized as a family member. His DNA (Divine Nature Alikeness) from the Book of Galatians says some recognizable traits include the following: “love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.” We probably won’t see these qualities by looking into a mirror. However, they are most apparent as we react to the circumstances of our daily lives and the people around us so that they can see them. I wonder how many people look at me and see Jesus?

What about you, friend? Do people see Jesus in you?