The dictionary defines the word, extravagant as “lacking restraint.” In our current generation, extravagance often reflects negative images, such as over-spending, or over-doing in some form or fashion. As defined, no other word comes close to expressing just how much we are loved by God; that He would choose to join his creation in the flesh and after being despised and rejected, He died for us. This is the Easter story.

Nothing really compares to the love of God through His Son, Jesus Christ. I have tried to find illustrations that lend some depth relating to His love and it is impossible. As much as I love my children and grandchildren, even if I laid down my life for them (which I would do in a heartbeat!) it would not be the same. When Jesus died for you and for me on the cross, the blood that flowed down that awful cross was pure and guiltless. Make no mistake, although the act of crucifixion happened in this world, the debt Jesus paid was for a much higher offense, our sin against God. Therefore, His sacrifice goes so far beyond anything you or I could ever offer.

I pray on this side of Easter Sunday, that every person will receive the gift of eternal life that Jesus paid for with His life. Although it is Monday, there is no expiration date on God’s offer of salvation from our sins. Receive the extravagant love of Jesus Christ.