Even on the brightest sunny day, our world seems a little darker now than at any other time in history. While wars have always been taking place somewhere on planet earth, never has war and unrest been so widespread. With the creation of the internet, faceless anger runs rampant. We can publicly “unfriend” friends without ever having to explain why. Road rage, college campus rage, athletic rage, political rage and the list goes on and on, are of an epidemic proportion.

Without God as our Filter, we are as Scripture states, “darkness.” The passage in Ephesians does not say we bring darkness; rather, we “are darkness!” And, the “deeds of darkness” are “fruitless.” In researching crime activity, while crime occurs throughout all hours of the day and night, the most violent crimes happen after the sun goes down. A current television commercial depicts a house break-in attempt as the would-be robber stops in his steps when a floodlight unexpectedly comes on and exposes him. Immediately, the predator turns and runs away!

What is the best way to eliminate darkness? Turn on a light! Paul writes in Ephesians that “in the Lord,” [Jesus] we “are light.” To expose deeds of darkness, you and I must live as one belonging to Christ Jesus. What does exposure look like in reality? Just as Jesus is The Light, His light is in us reflecting all that is good, right and truth-revealing. Thus, we and others might not only see and avoid the pitfalls of darkness, but we can show others the Way.

Remember: Light always cancels out darkness!