In the summer months, I have the opportunity to drive through some of the most beautiful countrysides in the state of Delaware. Farms are extending as far as the eye can see transform from bare dirt in the early season to miles of sweet corn by August. Seeing life sprout up in such a yummy way makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

At one of the crossroads, just after passing through one of the fields of corn, a very different scene enters the landscape; a small, old graveyard on one side of the road and a large recycling plant on the other. Immediately my mind begins to see a story develop. Like molding sand on the seashore and transforming it into a castle, God created the first man Adam out of the dirt of the earth. Head to toe, human life began out of the barren soil. Just as the farmer plants his seed, expecting it to yield crops, you and I were designed to grow and produce fruit. As the fruit develops, some are good and some not so good. At the end of our “season,” we die and go back into the soil. But, in Jesus Christ, the story is not over! One day, God will appoint His angels, along with Jesus, to come and gather His people from the earth to join Him in the “new heaven and new earth.” Our bodies will be new and imperishable. Death will be no more!

By the way, the name of the crossroads separating the graveyard from the recycling plant?

“Shepherd’s Crossing!”