Spending summers on the shore do more than simply offer rest. Every year is a new and fresh beginning. The scenery hasn’t changed, yet my heart anticipates surprises and experiences waiting to happen just for me.

Last week, the weather pattern brought our location a terrific storm. Gusting winds churned the waters of the ocean such that it appeared as if it were boiling. Foaming bubbles crashed down onto the sand with such force that a wall formed where once was a gentle slope. This morning, as I look out the window, all is quiet and still. The sea is like glass! The wall of sand is gone, and the gentle slope has returned, compliments of the ebb and flow of the tides.

If willing, one can learn a lot from time spent on God’s creation of the “seas.” Life is a lot like the weather on the shoreline; exciting, and ever-changing without warning. Just as people jump right into the waves in the ocean, we ride the rolling “waters” of our daily activities and relationships. Most times the experiences are fun and exhilarating. Other times we may feel as if we are tossed about with forces beyond our control, like being slammed against the rocky bottom of the ocean. When we finally emerge, we have scrapes and bruises caused by the experiences. 

Like the changing “tides,” life experiences take us by surprise. No matter! It’s no fun just watching from the land. Let’s grab that boogie board and jump in. Here comes a big one. Are you ready? Let’s go!