Being Useful

A friend was visiting with me recently, along with her precious three-year-old daughter. When lunch time came, the little one asked for water to drink along with her sandwich. Since all of my grandchildren are grown up, I no longer have the sippy cups or plastic child-proof dinnerware in my cabinets. When I opened my cupboard and pulled out one of my porcelain cups, the mom, standing next to me said, “Oh, maybe something unbreakable!” After rummaging through my stash of travel mugs, I found just the perfect small size cup for my little friend. However, I couldn’t help thinking to myself about how pretty my cups are but if they only sit in the cabinet and just look pretty, then they aren’t fulfilling their purpose, even at the risk of getting broken.

The Scripture in the book of Matthew are words spoken by Jesus as He encourages His followers to be salt and light in the world. In other words, what good is salt if it “loses its saltiness,” or as He says in verses 14 through 16, what good is a light if it’s “hidden…under a bowl?” Just like my pretty cup is meant to be useful as a drinking vessel; just like salt is meant to enhance the flavor of food; just like a light is meant to illuminate the darkness, so are we, as followers of Jesus Christ meant to make a difference in the world, even if it means taking risks.

What were you created for? Every person has been given a gift/gifts by God, not to enhance who we are, or illuminate ourselves before others. Rather every strength you and I possess is meant to identify us as a lifeline to the One Who changes lives. Technology makes having a platform on which to stand and stand out, precariously easy. Will you be salt and light in a world that desperately needs to know Jesus? If so, use your gift or talent in a way that is useful in the work of God’s kingdom. The rewards are eternal!