Be Alert

A bright flash of light woke me from a sound sleep in the early morning hours. Moments later, a loud boom signaled the incoming storm. In Virginia, springtime weather can be just about anything; from eighty-degree days, followed by a rogue snowstorm leaving several inches in its path. I enjoy the predictably unpredictable elements of weather. They keep me on my toes, wondering if I will be wearing sandals or boots tomorrow.

Several times while on earth, Jesus spoke to His disciples about a coming event when the things of this world will drastically change. Jesus was referring to the “End of the Age” (Matthew 24). No exact date is given in the Scriptures of when “the end” will come, but throughout the Bible, Jesus makes clear that one day, the time known only by God, Jesus Christ will return to the earth. Upon His return, every person alive and in heaven will see Him; there will be no mistaking who He is, or why He has come. Some people will be overjoyed to see Jesus, others will be terrified at His coming because they did not believe the truth.

I love the sound of the coming storms in Virginia; they make me think about the return of Jesus. If one of the “storms” happens to reveal the coming of Jesus, I will not be afraid. In fact, I will be one waiting for Him with awe and great expectation. Can you imagine what that day will be like? Will you be happy to receive Him when He arrives? I pray that no one waits until it is too late.

The next time you hear thunder off in the distance, I hope the sound excites you.