After my husband, Richard passed away four years ago, even after years as his caregiver, I was energized to go out and fight the “giant” of Alzheimer’s Disease that had taken his life. Driven by having lost the one person I loved most in this whole world to the relentless barrage of attacks that left his body intact while destroying his brain, I felt ready for the fight. I am more committed today than ever before to see this struggle to the finish line, but sometimes the small slow-moving victories in research threaten me with discouragement.

Then, I am reminded of a time many years ago when facing a different giant, and feeling a similar sense of despair. God gently and lovingly impressed upon my heart, “Sherry, will you trust me to win this battle even if you don’t live long enough to see it come to fruition?” I didn’t say anything immediately as I had to give honest consideration to this troubling question. Much time elapsed before I could answer. Finally, I told God that I couldn’t find the feeling I wanted to make me say, yes, but I wanted to trust Him; therefore, I would submit to His will without the feeling.

I have lived many years since having this encounter with The Lord, and during this time I’ve witnessed and personally experienced the wisdom of handing over to Him my earthly giants. The enemy of Alzheimer’s is as much or more offensive to The Creator of life than it is to those of us in this world who suffer because of it. So, I will exchange my will for His steadfastness and live with joy, knowing that all power belongs to Him.

What are the “giants” you’re fighting? Will you turn them over to The One Who loves you and Who has the final Word in all of our battles? The Word is Jesus!