The early morning traffic moved along at the usual fast pace down the busy highway when suddenly I had to come to a screeching halt! Being the first vehicle, I knew the reason immediately; a family of geese were taking a stroll and had decided to waddle across at this juncture. Sitting and watching the scene play out, as I could do nothing else, a smile came to my face. The mama led the family of four baby chicks, followed by daddy bringing up the rear. What a sweet sight!

I thought about how this is a beautiful picture of God’s family as we make our way through this world. Scripture tells us that God goes before us in our daily “coming in and going out,” and he also follows behind making sure we get home safely.

While this metaphor may seem simplified for the challenges you and I face daily, the truth, although profound in meaning is just that simple. In the past, I didn’t always feel God’s presence because frankly, I didn’t want him to know what I had chosen to do. Like a child trying to hide an ill-chosen activity and not wanting to get caught, I thought to go my way instead of God’s way, that he couldn’t see me. I know this is silly and immature but don’t we all think this at times even when we are adults? Oh, I love knowing God is with me when times are tough but when they’re not, and there is something I want to do that I think or know he says is not in my best interest and I do it anyway, I would prefer he look away. But, just as immature in reasoning, I want God to bless me all of the time.

Fortunately for us, like any loving parent, God knows everything we do, and he loves us just the same. He likely will let us experience the consequences of our actions, whether favorable or unfavorable, but he will never leave us alone. Knowing this, at this time in my life, I am grateful and invite God to be with me as I “waddle” across the path laid out before me. Will you do the same?