The plane was just coming in for the landing when the smart watch on my wrist began to vibrate. “Are you okay?” was the message from my sweet friend. The question seemed odd at first and then, like a photo in the darkroom coming into focus…oh no! It’s Monday morning, the first Monday of February and I forgot about the Sweet Monday devotion that I was scheduled to write. While panic began to fill my nervous system with adrenaline, I reminded myself that nothing comes as a surprise to God, not even my faulty memory, and all will be well.

I’m sure many of you can relate to my morning’s dilemma. We all have busy lives. I have been traveling since last Wednesday from Virginia to California to Florida and back to Virginia. My smart watch is even having a hard time keeping up. Although we believe multi-tasking is the norm in our technology-filled world, God never intended for humans to move in ten different directions and do all things well. At least, I know I cannot do anything well when I try to pack too much into my already busy schedule. The wheels begin falling off and soon I’m reminded to slow down.

God, on the other hand, is always faithful! Multitasking is His specialty. He never forgets and never gets confused. When you and I mess up and let something important fall through the cracks of our own doing, God is not only faithful; He is “loving toward all he has made.” This Monday morning, I thank Jesus for making a relationship with The Father possible; for loving me in my failings, and I thank YOU for extending me grace. Please meet me here again next Sweet Monday.

Sherry Sharp