“What goes down in the well comes up in the bucket!” Kim Newlen, founder and creator of Sweet Monday, made me laugh the first time I heard her make this statement. Her gentle southern accent allowed for just the right amount of pause to understand the profound meaning behind the words.

I am not a gardener by any stretch of the imagination. However, I have at various times in my life planted seeds and bulbs with the hopeful expectation that in time something would grow. One year I tried my hand at planting corn, and something I learned is that it’s a lot of work for a little yield. Summer tomatoes are the best tasting vegetable, along with cucumbers and green peppers. Never have I planted tomatoes and gotten corn or planted green peppers and gotten cucumbers. What comes out of the ground is precisely what I intended to plant.

Like sweet Kim’s saying, I love the meaning of Psalm 119:11. If the wellspring of our heart contains the Word of God, then out of it will grow God’s Truth. The big looming question before us is a small two-letter word, if, meaning we get to choose what seeds we plant.

If we plant seeds of hatred, we will reap habits resembling anger, divisiveness, and unrest when we speak.

If we plant seeds of love, we will reap habits resembling forgiveness, unity, and peace when we speak.

The world we live in and the people who occupy its space have always had access to both kinds of seeds. Our free will given to us by God reveals which seeds we’ve chosen to plant. Friend, if you care to know what you have planted in your heart, check your Facebook page.