Wake Up!

You may remember an old movie classic released in 1939, that still entertains audiences today. If I say, ruby slippers, you will probably know it right away. The Wizard of Oz is a story where several life lessons can be learned; one such lesson as expressed by Dorothy the leading character is the theme that […]

We Need Your Help!

Alzheimer’s or any dementia is a threat! You may have heard the statistics and thought “how does this affect me?” Maybe you haven’t listened to the messages reporting on this disease and know nothing. I invite you to watch the trailer on the movie, Turning Point, which I have posted here. After you have watched […]


I have held onto this promise from the Book of Isaiah ever since March 2010. In my Bible I wrote, “Given to me, a sweet promise that even in the hardest of places, God will be with me, hold my heart in His hands and see me through.” Fifty years ago today, I married the […]


“What is your street name?” asked the questionnaire. My two young grandchildren were trying to complete the paperwork for a new family online service when one of them began to laugh. My granddaughter explained that when first reading the question she thought the request was asking for a nickname or a name she might be […]

Above All, Love

“Everything is permissible”—but not everything is beneficial. “Everything is permissible”—but not everything is constructive. Nobody should seek his own good, but the good of others. 1 Corinthians 10:23-23, NIV. We live in volatile times. Civility is believed to be optional depending on which way the subjective “wind blows” at the moment. Self-centeredness is a world […]

Keeping Promises

The Internet provides an endless resource. On a recent search, I visited a site that deals with Alzheimer’s Disease and those who suffer from the awful affect it poses on its victims. Having lived through the disease with my husband, Richard, before he died in 2014, I am particularly sensitive to those who also have […]


“BREAKTHROUGH” A news article appeared recently explaining one more breakthrough in medical science that will help in understanding brain health. Like a miner digging for gold, I get excited with every new discovery. Since my husband died in 2014 from younger onset Alzheimer’s Disease at the age of sixty-seven, it has been my determination to […]

Chapter 11 – DWELLING

Learning new words can be fun, especially for one who enjoys writing. But, new words, I have discovered, can also be very comforting. As I make my way through “the valley of the shadow of death” in these months, and now going into years, following Richard’s death, many times I find myself overwhelmed under the […]

My Father’s Hands

From the sidewalk, looking through the large picture window that jutted out beyond the front door, the wares of the shop looked obvious to the passers-by. Random instruments, such as guitars, ukuleles, and harmonicas along with music books and sheet music were not uncommon eye-catchers for a music store. What made this particular shop unique, […]