Wake Up!

You may remember an old movie classic released in 1939, that still entertains audiences today. If I say, ruby slippers, […]


Alzheimer’s or any dementia is a threat! You may have heard the statistics and thought “how does this affect me?” […]

Chapter 11 – DWELLING

Learning new words can be fun, especially for one who enjoys writing. But, new words, I have discovered, can also […]

Curing Alzheimer’s with Science and Song, Rudy Tanzi & Chris Mann, TED… Interview with Dr. Rudy Tanzi

Friends, Dr. Rudy Tanzi can be seen in his interview with Dr. Manny on FOX. He will also appear on […]

Next Steps

“Time and tide wait for no man.” wrote Geoffrey Chaucer. Time and tide; the clock ticks regardless of any individual […]


On Christmas Eve in 1994, an article along with several photographs appeared in the local newspaper that caught my eye. […]

Reconciling Time

It was time to go to sleep. I walked over to my hotel window to take one last look before […]

Navigating Beyond Alzheimer’s Disease

It has been two years now since Richard left this world, my world, to go home to heaven. I’m not […]

Exploring “Oz”

When Dorothy’s Kansas City farm house finally landed out of the tornado, she emerged only to find herself in a […]

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