Sherry Londo-Thomas is a highly sought after writer, editor, and wordsmith. In the 3D_Judges_Gavelpast year, I utilized her editing services and as an experienced writer myself, she gave me the type of feedback I needed to go from being a good writer to the very best writer I can be. She has a strong reputation with her clients of being hard working and inspirational, adding value to a variety of written works she has edited. There is no limit to her editing abilities as she’s improved the quality of written work for many authors ranging from documents, articles and blog entries to college papers, manuscripts and other large projects. If you’re looking for someone who will give you honest feedback, yet encouraging and empowering in the manner in which they magnify the quality of your written materials, Ms. Londo-Thomas is the person to call. She is the very best in what she does and endeavors to show pride in her work and in yours.

Darryle Brown, MBA, DTM – Darryle Brown Consulting


After speaking with many different book editors, Sherry was the perfect choice. She took the project on as though it were her own book. If you’re looking for someone who is committed to excellence, talented, and has the success of your book in mind, Sherry Londo-Thomas should be your choice!  

Be Ian-Spired

It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial for Sherry Londo-Thomas. Sherry assisted me with the writing of my artist statement for a solo fine art exhibition. Her concern for my audience, how the statement was phrased, and the clarity of the statement was exhibited in her attention to the writing of my words. With her help, I was able to present the ideas within my art work to a wide audience – from those who were new to fine art to those who were familiar with the experience. I am very grateful to Sherry for her expertise and ability to help me convey all that I wanted to say within my statement. She is a great asset for anyone who needs assistance with the written word.

Susan M. Gibbons

 Sherry Londo-Thomas did a fabulous job editing my first novel, which was published in January, 2013. She did a thorough job, combing through the manuscript several times, searching relentlessly to edit and improve. Punctuation took its proper place. The format sharpened and spelling improved. Sherry helped with the flow of the manuscript, suggesting word and phrase replacements, but never rewriting the story, thus keeping the flavor and retaining my voice, which was very important to me. Her assistance was invaluable, and I would recommend her services to everyone—anyone who has a story to tell, or an account to be made.

L. M. Deane